Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018

Mama Merkel open the doors!

Mama Merkel open the doors
open up the doors again
since we are coming
we are coming to you
from Togo Senegal and Mali
from the hardships of the shanty towns
from our burned land
and the oil spilled delta of the Niger
we are many
we come by the thousands
hundreds of thousands will come to you
to our new land
you welcome us
and provide home and shelter
and food and the doctors
for our broken hearts and black and beaten bodies
we the descendants of Namibia genocide victims seek reparations
open up the doors Mama Merkel
we cross the borders
with no identity
we cross the seas and the desserts
for a new reality
and will remind you of charity and Christianity
we pray for you
we come by the thousands every day
when the sun gets up
we migrate infiltrate and integrate
we are with you
in the parks
in your cities
we are with you and your families
now and for future generations
we will give to you
we will not steal from your people
we do not steal money from the government
for your government distributes generously
to the members of our tribes from Cameroon
in Tübingen Friesland and Regensburg
our new homeland your native country
we are in your homes at your tables
and in your daughters we will plant the seeds for love and peace
we will give to you children
open the doors mama for the peoples from Africa

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Dr. Bernd U. Krippl
last update: 29.08.18 17:44
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